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Patient Testimonials

We had just moved to the area and we’re looking for a practice for our entire family. We loved how close Doctor Johnson’s office was. The minute I called them, they were so friendly and welcoming—got us in right away. The minute you show up, they recognize you, they welcome you, and they run on time, which is really important to me with a busy schedule and big family. We love how efficient all of the hygienists are and kind. They keep a great conversation. We just love coming here. All of the people have been really fantastic.

My 13 year-old son had to have a couple of teeth removed. He had a couple baby teeth that were not coming out and a big tooth was pushing through and actually broke off a piece of his tooth. I called and they got us in right away. He was a little nervous but because he already has this relationship, he didn’t even want me to go back into the room. He was comfortable going by himself, being a big kid. He was in and out in 15 minutes. They had explained everything that he needed to do and sent him on his way with a little bit of gauze. He never had a single complaint about his mouth hurting. That was a real blessing.

I think he is a dentist who cares about his patients, but he also cares about being involved in the community. That means a lot to me that he is building his own practice but also building the community around him and the members of the community that will make it better alongside him. We’ve been impressed with how kind and welcoming they all are, and again, how efficiently the office is run.

Alyson M.

Consistently great

Sandra S

It was very … I don’t know what to say … devastating when I go to bite into things, and my teeth just fall out. My front teeth were … I was having a whole lot of trouble because all of the medications I take take the enamel off my teeth, so it makes them very brittle. He wanted to do something else, but he knew how much I needed to have the bottom bridge put in, and he agreed to do it because he knew what it meant to me. That’s all I needed to hear.

To do it all, it was a lot of work. All I can say is he gave me my confidence back. I hadn’t had corn on the cob for about three years, and I finally got to do that this year—that was one of the major things. I work with the public, and to have gaps in my teeth. I was very self-conscious so I would walk around with my mouth shut. People would say, “Why don’t you smile?” That was why. Now, I don’t have any problem. People have commented on how nice they look, and then I open my mouth and smile.

Well, I know there’s a lot of people out there that do not like going to the dentist for many, many reasons but from the first day I called to make an appointment until today, I feel like I’m home. I don’t feel like I’m walking into a strange place where I have to be on edge, and I feel very comfortable. I know they would, too. I invite them to come in because the girls up front, all we do is sit and laugh, and it’s a good experience. Come see for yourself.

Marge S.

I am always pleased by both the excellent dental care as well as the pleasant and friendly staff.

Joseph O

I have a lot of chemical sensitivities that I deal with, as well. That’s been something that I’ve only been dealing with in the last three or four years. They’ve just been really helpful at being understanding and never … sometimes when you say something like that, especially in a medical office or some kind of healthcare setting, sometimes people can be really rude about it and reactive. I just feel like they’ve always been willing to listen to me and take me seriously, and help problem solve to figure out ways to make my experience work for me. They’re just really kind and considerate.

When I first started coming here, my gums were very inflamed, because I had a lot of plaque buildup, had cavities, but I feel like it’s just progressively getting better. I feel more confident about my mouth. I have a little bit of a lip-tie, and so I have a receding gum line, but just feeling reassured like it’s not my fault. I feel like it’s helped me to be better about flossing and brushing my teeth very regularly because I’m seeing my dental health get better and better.

They also have been really great. I have started doing some vitamin supplementation because I was dealing with canker sores and ulcers when I first started coming. That is almost completely gone away. They’ve just been really helpful in terms of helping me figure out what are the things that would improve my dental care, but also keeping in mind the things that I can’t do that most people can do to improve their teeth and their gums.

I feel like family when I come here. I feel like it’s just very easy. Even if I do have anxiety, I feel at ease as soon as I come in the door. People are very kind and just very considerate and willing to work with you as an individual. I think that’s a big deal when it comes to the dentist. A lot of people have significant anxiety about coming to the dentist—they have anxiety about their teeth. It’s a great place.

Christine A.

I had a crown that cracked and it was hitting the nerve ending. It was on a Friday and the office was closed but they scheduled me for Saturday morning right away so I didn’t have to endure any more pain. He opened the office and one of his staff came in and they saw me right away and took care of me, which I thought was really amazing that somebody would come in on their day off to do that. He also helped me out before a vacation. I had an abscess tooth which needed pulled, and they set up an appointment with an oral surgeon for that afternoon so we could be on the airplane the next morning. I had my tooth pulled and got through the vacation without any problems.

They’re just very friendly, very accommodating, and you can tell they really are sincere and caring. Because I’ve had many crowns and root canals and even dental implants, which I’m very happy with, it’s like one-stop shopping. I’m very impressed overall with the whole staff and Dr. Johnson. I would highly recommend that anybody come here and give them a try. I feel fortunate that we have somebody this good in the area and that I’m in such good hands.

Sharon F.

I had a pretty bad overbite and a very large gap in my front teeth. I also had a lot of crowding in my bottom row. When they told me I needed braces, I was really anxious because all the kids at school—it took a really long time. They had retainers, which I thought was gross. I was like, “Okay, I’ll do it.” I’m really pleased that I did because I’m so much happier with my smile. They do a really good job. I feel like they update their technology and stuff, especially with fluoride. They used to give us sunglasses for sitting in the dentist’s seats because of the lights and stuff. They’re really up-to-date and they keep on top of things.

Dr. Johnson and all of his staff are absolutely wonderful. They’re really inviting. It’s a really good place to go because they have always done a really good job, especially with me.

Tessallyn R.

I love the professionalism—the interaction with Dr. Innacola and the staff. They’re very courteous, they get to know you, and you can tell they all get along well, so it just really makes a difference. We moved to the area about 14 years ago and immediately started going here. We didn’t find any reason to go anywhere else. When our kids—they’re both living out of the area—they schedule appointments when they come back in the area because they have that comfort level with the facility, with the staff, and with Dr. Innacola.

I mean, at the end of the day, you can get your teeth cleaned and filled anywhere. It’s the interaction you have with the staff and how they make you feel that I think makes all the difference. You know, if you’re looking for a dentist, I would recommend Dr. Johnson. He’s right on Harrisburg Pike, and you’ll find that they’ve great availability. Their scheduling is very amenable to people that work, and it’s a great atmosphere, great staff. I don’t think you’ll go wrong at all using them.

Chris K.

as a new patient, I found everything professional, everything explained

Kenneth S

Right from the get go when he took a look at my teeth, he asked me if I was having a problem. He nailed it right away, but he said, “Are you having a problem with food being stuck in your teeth?” and I said, “Yes, I am.” He said that, “You need to get those caps readjusted,” and he showed me on a computer how he goes about that.

The great thing about this profession that he has here, it’s in house. He’ll show you how to do that, how he does that with the cap. It’s so precise that he actually allowed me to watch the making of the cap that was going to go on my tooth. To top it off, I have a very tight schedule so I couldn’t get back here. He said, “No, we can do it now because of the way your schedule is.” I couldn’t believe it, so I had the opportunity to watch him do it, watch him put it on.

When I walked out of here after I had that cap and a few fillings replaced that should’ve been replaced prior to that, and I was out at restaurants and I was eating, I didn’t have that same problem anymore. It made me feel pretty good. You don’t want to pick your teeth in public.

Once they’re here, they’ll see from his professionalism, it’s passed down to everybody that works here. It’s a pretty smooth transition from the front office back to Kerry, and from Kerry back to the front office. When you go up there, the scheduling of appointments, the working with you on payments, if there’s an issue there, they’re willing to work with you anyway because they know that what they do here reflects back on them and could relay the fact that you will recommend people to them. Once they’re here, I think that’s the grabber in this whole thing.

Mike W.

The entire staff is very pleasant and knowledgeable. The practice uses state of the art technology for cleaning, exams and making crowns. Every visit is a pleasant one.

Gerald L

One time I had to have a root canal and I had heard all the horror stories and I had a lot of trepidation about that. I never felt a thing—it was great. I was surprised when I walked out of here that I didn’t feel it. I thought, “My goodness, this is not what I’ve been hearing from other people.”

This is just a very friendly office. Everyone here is so nice and I get excellent dental care. Dr. Kerry Johnson in Landisville, it’s where you want to go. He’s an excellent dentist and I have no complaints ever.

Janet S.

It had been 4 years since I had seen a dentist, so I was a bit nervous when I went in for my first visit. Immediately when I came in, the hygienist was amazing, friendly, and made me feel like I was a… long-lost friend.

Shortly after being examined, Dr. Johnson came in and he was just as friendly as the rest of the staff.

They were caring, thoughtful, empathetic, and had some excellent technology (TV’s above for the long work to be done).

I will definitely be going there again and referring others.

Timothy M.

I had a tooth in the front that fell out and it was like everybody kept saying, “It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen,” and I just kept putting it off. Then it did actually fall out, and I was so embarrassed. It was that moment of my mom telling me, “I told you so.”

He brought me in, and he took x-rays. He told me exactly what I needed. He told me it wasn’t as bad as he thought it was and I thought it was, which made me feel a little better. We just went for it. He didn’t hide anything, and we got … I probably hadn’t seen a dentist in 20 years, and we fixed it in probably a month and a half.

He put a crown on it and fixed it up, and then … it was hard at first. I’m 35, and yesterday I came in to get a cavity filled. It was the first time I’ve ever been to the dentist by myself. I drove myself here and came to my first appointment without somebody holding my hand, so that says a lot.

It totally boosts my self-esteem. I never really realized how much the smile bothered me and the teeth until I’ve gotten them fixed. It boosts it 110%. I probably cried every time I came here, except for yesterday was probably the first time I didn’t really cry, but I love it. It’s the best feeling ever. I have two kids who, my 14-year-old is afraid of the dentist as well. I don’t want them to go through the same thing I did. This has really been a life-changing thing, which is weird because it’s just the dentist, but it really has been. I love it.

Starr S.

Everyone in the office is so nice. It makes going to the dentist a pleasure

Sharon H

We moved here almost 20 years ago from Florida, and so at the time, we didn’t know anyone in Lancaster. One of the first things I wanted to do was set up our medical situations. Back in those days, it was 1996, we still used to receive welcome wagon baskets. We got one at our house, and in that basket happened to be a hand-written postcard from a local dentist, inviting us to come to his practice. I thought that was such a unique and special thing. That’s exactly why I called his practice and set up our appointments. There’s no question here that this just feels like an extension of our home when we come here. We always have such a great experience with customer service, the ladies out front are so friendly to us and take care of all of our needs in terms of filing insurance. Always we’re greeted, and the appointments happen on time, which is important to a busy mom like me and to our family. We’ve just always been treated like family here, so I wouldn’t go anywhere else in Lancaster.

Ann W.

Great group of people,so glad we found this dental practice. They take good care of their patients!

Karen G

It’s very convenient to us. We live locally, so that’s important. They’re also very personable, friendly, caring people. As a patient, you want to know that you’re appreciated—you’re not just a number. They go out of their way to get to know you. It’s not just about trying to rush you through. If you’re in a hurry, they get you in and out quickly, but they take the time to get to know you as a person. I have younger children, and as the kids have come through, we’ve not once come back with the kids. We let the kids go back, and they learn to communicate with the dentist and the staff as well. That’s part of the experience for the kids, it’s good. Especially in the world we live in where more and more things are technology, you like to have that inner, personal experience.

We’ve lived in five different states over the years. As we came here in 2009, it struck me very quickly that although it’s a home-looking environment, it’s a very professional practice. They do a lot of unique things in taking care of you to where, even when I come in for my six-month check-up, it’s not just about cleaning my teeth. They check my face and they ask, “Does this hurt?” Okay, they’re feeling for things that I’m not sure what they’re looking at clearly, but tooth and jaw related issues, TMJ, other stuff perhaps. That tells me these people are going the extra mile. I feel very good about coming here. I feel that I’m—family and I—our teeth are taken care of.

If we have issues, they’re quick to respond and find the time to get us in. When we leave here, we feel like we’ve been treated very well and that these people, they genuinely care. They’re friends too, and that’s pretty important. They’re professional. They’re progressive in their technologies and knowing what are the latest things in dental care and hygiene, but they’re also really great people who make you feel good as a customer, and they put you first. For people who are really looking for a place to come, either for themselves or for their family, that’s going to take care of them, that’s going to have a vested interest in their teeth, but even beyond that—just in them, as a person, the Johnson Dental practice here is wonderful. They really do connect with the patients in a way that endears them to us, establishes that rapport, and really makes you feel good about coming back. At the end of the day, when we go to the dentist, it’s a good experience, it’s not a negative experience.

Robin R.

As a patient, who had to get a root canal for the first time, Dr. Johnson did a tremendous job, had NO PAIN what so ever during and after the procedure. I would highly recommend him. I also had a crown done as well, no problems there either. Over all the best dentist I ever went to.

Karen F.

It’s very convenient to us. We live locally, so that’s important. They’re also very personable, friendly, caring people. As a patient, you want to know that you’re appreciated—you’re not just a number. They go out of their way to get to know you. It’s not just about trying to rush you through. If you’re in a hurry, they get you in and out quickly, but they take the time to get to know you as a person. I have younger children, and as the kids have come through, we’ve not once come back with the kids. We let the kids go back, and they learn to communicate with the dentist and the staff as well. That’s part of the experience for the kids, it’s good. Especially in the world we live in where more and more things are technology, you like to have that inner, personal experience.

Michelle V.

It was a couple weeks ago. I was planning on going out of town and I had a tooth that broke playing basketball. That particular time, I wasn’t sure if I actually broke a tooth or whether I had fractured a previous filling. He said, “Come on in. I’ll put you in right away,” that day because he knew I was going away. I guess he put me on the end of his schedule and stayed a little longer. It really wasn’t complicated for him to fix, but he did it right away. It was great because I was concerned. Traveling, you want to make sure that that gets taken care of. You don’t want to leave a tooth that’s half broken. You’re not sure if the pain is going to come along. He took care of it right away for me that day. It was great. It looked, quite frankly, better than it did before I broke it. He did that job well.

If you want a honest, friendly dentist that listens to your interest instead of perhaps, trying to push the most expensive process, but he can also do the most expensive process, if you want, this is the guy for you.

Stephen S.