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Stop Your Tooth Pain with Root Canals Treatment in Landisville, PA

Do you suffer from unexplained dental pain? Have you developed an abscess in one of your teeth? If so, you may need a root canal in Landisville, PA from Pinnacle Family Dental Care. From our office here in Landisville, PA, we are able to give you a practically pain-free root canal in a single visit. No waiting on the dental crown to come back from the lab – one day, and your natural tooth is saved from extraction. Call our office today at ​717-898-7733 to speak with someone about setting up a root canal dental appointment.

Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Damaged Teeth

Root canal treatment remove damaged nerves and pulp (spongy material around the dental nerve) from the inside of your tooth. It is often a very simple process that Dr. Innacola can complete in a single dental appointment.

  • A small hole is opened up
  • The material is removed
  • The inner part of your tooth is cleaned
  • Your tooth is filled and sealed with a CEREC dental crown

Common Reasons for a Root Canal

  • Extensive Tooth Decay
  • Repeated Dental Procedures on the Same Tooth
  • Cracked or Broken Tooth
  • Other Types of Trauma

Root Canal Treatments Are Nothing to Be Afraid Of

Root canal treatments are often spoken about as if they are the worst dental treatment possible. This could not be further from the truth. The truth is that root canals save the life of your natural tooth. Without them, your only other option would be a tooth extraction, and we try to avoid those whenever possible.

Repair Your Damaged Smile and Save Your Teeth

Call our Landisville, PA dental office at ​717-898-7733 to schedule your root canal treatment in Landisville, PA appointment. You can use our online form to schedule your appointment right from the website as well. Root canals can keep your smile whole and your mouth safe.


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