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I’m Embarrassed to Smile

Crooked teeth can make anyone feel self-conscious about their smile. At Johnson Dental Care in Landisville, PA, we are on a mission to make sure that when you smile, you can do so without hesitation or reservation.

Fastbraces is an amazing short-term orthodontic solution that will correct the alignment of your teeth in months. Dr. Johnson is a registered Fastbraces provider and will watch over your smile from start to finish. Call our office today at ​717-898-7733 to schedule your free consultation and find out if Fastbraces is right for you.

Fastbraces Vs. Traditional Braces

When it comes to orthodontics, many people immediately think about metal braces. Dr. Johnson doesn’t want you to waste your time with traditional treatment and all the hassles that come with it if you can benefit from the modern orthodontic treatment available here at Johnson Dental Care.

  • Time of Treatment – Fastbraces can correct your smile misalignment in as little as four months, with most treatments lasting no longer than one year. With traditional braces, you can expect about a two- to three-year treatment time.
  • Comfort Level – Fastbraces’ revolutionary brackets and wires make for a comfortable fit. Although you would eventually get used to the feeling of traditional braces, you would still need frequent adjustments, which are less than comfortable.
  • Cost – Fastbraces don’t take as long as traditional braces, so the cost to fix your crooked smile is more affordable than you might have thought possible.

Fastbraces Are the Answer to Your Crooked Teeth

Call our Landisville, PA dental office today at ​717-898-7733 to schedule your free consultation. You can schedule your appointment by using our online form as well. Fastbraces offers a fast, affordable, and comfortable way to straighten the teeth that are holding your smile back.

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