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Trick Or Treat? How Your Diet Affects Your Teeth [BLOG]

October 18, 2017

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, it’s become harder and harder to avoid the candy aisle in grocery stores. Maybe that’s because huge bags of candy have spilled out of their usual designated space and landed on the displays right up front by the store’s entrance. You can’t escape it!

Candy and other sugary treats are okay every now and then, and October is one of those times. That’s why our team at Johnson Dental Care wants to help see you and your family through it!

In today’s blog, we’re helping you protect your family’s teeth and gums so that all those sugary treats this time of year don’t play tricks on your smiles!

Don’t Be Tricked By Sugar And Other Treats!

When it comes to your family’s diet, you’re probably already careful about sugar you keep around the kitchen. After all, everyone knows about what too much of it can do to your teeth. It’s what the bad bacteria in your mouth loves to feed on, which creates acids that attack your teeth and gums.

Too much sugar in your diet can cause tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. But sugar isn’t the only ingredient in your food and drinks that can threaten your smile.

Acidic Foods & Drinks – When your diet is high in acidity, you’re putting your tooth enamel under constant attack. That’s because acid eats away at it, and literally opens the door for bacteria to creep in and cause problems.

Carbs – Refined carbohydrates found in many processed foods and beverages break down into sugar, that again, become a welcome feast for harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Hard Food & Snacks – Our teeth are incredibly strong and made to withstand a lifetime of chewing. But harder foods can really take their toll on your teeth, wearing them down, breaking them, chipping them, or causing more serious injuries that can threaten your smile and oral health.

Are These Foods & Drinks Tricks Or Treats?

Let’s take a look at items you might have in your kitchen right now that seem like treats, but are actually playing tricks on your teeth!

Soft Drinks, Fruit Juice, & Sports Drinks

It’s disappointing, but many drinks you find in grocery stores are advertised as being healthy but are actually bad for your teeth. Soft drinks being one of them may come as no surprise to you. But even switching to diet soda thinking you’re making a better choice isn’t any better an alternative.

Fruit and sports drinks are no exception. They claim to be “natural” or to provide a healthy boost of energy and hydration, but the truth is, both can be loaded with added sugar.

All three types of beverages are also highly acidic, which is bad for your teeth, as well. So don’t be tricked by these drinks, and instead, consider water the best treat for your smile!

Ice Cubes & Popcorn

There’s nothing like a big bowl of buttery popcorn in your lap while you cozy up on the couch for family movie night. But the downside is that the kernels pose a danger to your teeth. You can bite down on a hard piece of popcorn in just the wrong way and injure a tooth. It’s also the kind of snack that can get lodged between teeth and under the gumline, making it tough to clean your teeth thoroughly.

The same goes for crunching on ice cubes. It may be refreshing on a hot day, but it can also cause damage to your teeth, whether through an immediate injury or just by wearing down your teeth over time.

Treat Your Teeth To A Dental Cleaning & Exam!

Your family’s diet plays an important role in their oral health. What you think is a harmless treat for you and the kids might actually be playing tricks on your teeth and gums. But our Landisville, PA dental team is here to help you keep that from happening!

Call Johnson Dental Care today at 717-898-7733 or fill out our online form to schedule a dental cleaning and exam this season to keep your family’s smiles healthy!

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