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Tips For A Drama-Free Dental Emergency [BLOG]

April 18, 2018

As much as we wish we could all avoid drama, it’s pretty hard to do these days unless you’re willing to risk walking around wearing blinders and noise-cancelling headphones!

We can’t protect you from all the drama of daily life, but we certainly can help you have a drama-free dental emergency!

At Johnson Dental Care, we go out of our way to help you when you need us, even if it falls outside of normal business hours.

We’ll do all we can to be there for you so that we can arrange a time to meet with you in our Landisville, PA dental office to give you the treatment you need.

Tips For A Drama-Free Dental Emergency

It’s easy for us to tell you to stay calm during a dental emergency.

After all, we’re trained professionals!

But there really are plenty of ways you can avoid panic and unnecessary drama should you experience a dental emergency without going through years of training!

Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you handle emergencies with confidence!

*Assemble A Home Dental Emergency Kit*

Most people keep a standard first-aid kit somewhere in their home or car.

It’s just like a home toolbox. You keep it well-stocked with tools you might need for various repairs, and it’s easily accessible.

Why not keep a kit that’s specific to dental emergencies?

You can store it with your medical aid kit, but keeping a separate one for your teeth means you won’t have to sort through it searching for dental tools you might need in a hurry.

Label a small box and fill it with items like:

  • A small cloth or gauze pads
  • A small sealable container
  • Some type of dental cement
  • Non-aspirin OTC pain reliever
  • Disposable gloves

Everyone’s kit will look a bit different, but you can stroll through any oral care aisle at the local drugstore and find all sorts of helpful tools for your personalized dental-aid kit.

*Control The Bleeding*

This is true for any medical emergency, which is to stop any bleeding first.

Make sure that any cloth, towel, or gauze that you use is completely sterile to prevent the spread of infection.

Apply pressure to the area that’s bleeding until it stops. If you can’t get it under control, the emergency room at your nearest hospital is the more appropriate next step.

*Store Our Number In Your Phone*

Preparation definitely helps emergency situations go more smoothly, but despite that, they can still be really inconvenient!

That’s why our team at Johnson Dental Care try our best to see you right away and get you out of pain and save your smile.

Storing our number in your contacts will save you the trouble of having to look up nearby emergency dental care. Depending on your particular situation, one of our staff will guide you through the next steps.

You Won’t Panic If You Know What To Do When…

We’re listing a few specific emergency scenarios we address all the time at Johnson Dental Care so you can stay calm and know what to do if any of them happen to you:

*You Lose A Tooth*

It’s actually possible to save a tooth that’s been knocked out, believe it or not. But we certainly can’t do that if you don’t bring it with you to the dentist office.

If you can find it, pick it up by the crown and not the root. You can either put it in a sealed container of milk or water, or place it inside your cheek or in its socket until you get to our office.

*You Damage A Tooth*

Biting down on a tooth in such a way that it chips, cracks, or breaks isn’t as uncommon as you might think.

We see emergencies like this all the time!

Obviously, we want to treat a damaged tooth as soon as possible, and we want to get you out of pain.

Use OTC pain relievers and a cold compress to reduce swelling and discomfort until we can meet you.

*A Restoration Breaks Or Falls Out*

A dental filling that comes out isn’t really worth saving, namely because it’s such a simple fix. In fact, if your filling is old enough to fail, then chances are it’s probably a silver one, which would give you an excuse to replace it with a tooth-colored filling.

A dental crown is another issue.

If you feel like it’s loosening, or if it’s already come out, we want to see you as soon as possible so we can try to save your restoration. If not, we can replace it easily given our advanced technology and skilled team!

*Your Tooth Feels Loose*

It’s tempting to mess with it, but we advise against trying to touch or move around a loose tooth. The ramifications from a lost adult tooth aren’t quite as celebratory as losing a baby tooth!

Instead, call our Landisville, PA dental office right away so we can try to save your tooth and save you from complicated or expensive replacement.

*You Have Tooth Pain*

Pain is a red flag, no matter where it’s coming from in your body. You need to listen to it and seek medical attention, especially when it comes to dental pain.

You never want to give harmful bacteria or infection an extended stay in your mouth, so make sure you call us right away if you have a toothache.

Call Us When You Need Help!

Dr. Johnson is a highly-trained dentist who knows how to handle your dental emergencies with ease.

With help from our team in Landisville, PA, you can get through a dental mishap or injury without the drama or the pain and get back to your life!

Rely on Johnson Dental Care for your next emergency. Call our Landisville, PA dental office at 717-898-7733 or fill out our online form to schedule a non-emergency appointment.

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