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Summer Smile Dangers You Can Prevent With Water [BLOG]

June 18, 2018

Our team at Johnson Dental Care in Landisville, PA is devoted to your oral health.

That’s why we want to welcome the summer by telling you how to keep your teeth and gums safe from smile dangers unique to this time of year.

We’re talking about water and why drinking plenty of it while you’re out in the hot sun is critical to protecting your smile and your oral health.

Why Water Is Important To Your Smile

We don’t need to stress the importance of water to your health. You need it to help you avoid dehydration and the serious problems it can cause for your body.

Without proper hydration, you risk dizziness or fainting, moodiness, headaches, and muscle cramps, just to name a few!

But lack of water also poses dangers for your smile because of how dehydration can effect your teeth and gums.

The reason for that is because dehydration impedes your body’s ability to create saliva, which is an essential component of good oral health. Your teeth and gums need it for protection.

Here’s what saliva is hard at work doing for your smile all day long:

*Washing away food particles and other sugars, carbs, and debris from your mouth

*Coating your teeth and gums in a layer of protection against harmful acids

*Fighting bad bacteria in your mouth

*Warding off stains from sticking to your teeth

*Strengthening your tooth enamel so it’s less susceptible to damage

Summer Smile Dangers You Can Prevent With Water

These are just a few of the summer smile dangers you could face if you’re not well-hydrated!

*Stained Teeth*

Saliva provides a barrier on your tooth enamel so dark pigments from food and drinks have a hard time sticking to your tooth enamel.

This helps to slow down the staining process, so of course, a lack of saliva caused by dehydration speeds it up, making it easier for dark colors to stick to your teeth and make your smile look dingy.

*Compromised Enamel*

What many people don’t realize is that saliva doesn’t just exist to wash away food and debris.

It also contains natural bacteria-fighting components to protect you from oral infection.

So imagine what happens when there isn’t enough saliva to give your teeth and gums that extra coating of armor. Bacteria has a chance to penetrate your enamel in this weak, compromised state.

*Tooth Decay & Cavities*

In between your daily brushing and flossing, you need to have plenty of saliva inside your mouth to help you wash away food particles that contain all the stuff bacteria loves to feast on.

If you’re not drinking enough water, you can’t keep up the saliva production needed to coat your teeth and protect them from decay and cavities.

*Gum Disease*

Bacteria will create harmful acids as it eats the tasty debris left in your mouth after you eat or drink something. Those acids attack your teeth and gums and allow the bacteria to get inside and infect your mouths most vulnerable tissues.

It all can eventually lead to gum disease, the number one cause of adult tooth loss.

It’s another reason why producing enough saliva to wash the food particles away is so important to protecting your oral health.

*Stinky Breath*

When you know something causes bad breath, you try to stay away from it, right?

You don’t scarf down garlic bread right before a date, for example.

Then it makes sense to avoid dry mouth since it also causes stinky breath. That’s because the saliva isn’t flowing through your mouth and cleaning out the bits of food between your teeth.

Maybe not for your health, but this is a pretty important reason to drink enough water!

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No matter what, our team at Johnson Dental Care are here to help you all year long.

Visit our Landisville, PA dental office this summer for a routine cleaning and exam.

We’ll make sure you’re managing to avoid dry mouth and all the dental dangers that come with it!

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