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Getting Straight, Beautiful Teeth Has Never Been Faster! [BLOG]

September 26, 2018

You deserve to have the smile you want in the fastest, most efficient and affordable way possible.

That’s the standard we set for our Landisville, PA patients, especially when it comes to the latest, most advanced orthodontic solutions available today.

At Johnson Dental Care, you can straighten your teeth for a more attractive, confident smile faster than ever with our Fastbraces treatment option!

Why Fastbraces Makes A Difference

With standard metal braces, you have to wear brackets and wires for a couple of years, keeping up with monthly progress appointments to have the wires tightened.

While this is certainly an effective treatment option, it’s not for everyone.

Adults, especially, have a hard time accepting the demands and sacrifices regular braces require, given their professional and familial obligations.

That’s why Fastbraces makes such a difference for our patients!

Using a state-of-the-art wire, this method can move your teeth into position in about 9-12 months, and in some cases, even less time than that!

It’s just another way our team at Johnson Dental Care stays on the cutting edge of orthodontics and dentistry for you. You won’t have to wait a moment longer than you have to for the smile you’ve always wanted!

Fastbraces is also more affordable than standard braces, which our patients really appreciate!

Here are a few more of the many benefits of this innovative treatment:

*It Prevents Loss Of Dentin*

When you have brackets bonded to your teeth for a long period of time, you do risk losing some of your tooth dentin. But since Fastbraces treatment is significantly short, so too is that risk!

*You Can Avoid Tooth Extraction*

Oftentimes, orthodontic treatment requires tooth extraction before braces are placed so you have enough room to move teeth into the best position.

Fastbraces is suited for people who have the space needed for treatment, allowing you to avoid having any teeth removed.

*It’s Practically Hassle-Free*

When you wear standard braces, you’re committing to 24/7 wear for two years or longer. Then, you have to consider all the extra time you’ll spend wearing rubber bands and using special tools to clean around the brackets and wires day in and day out. Once it’s finally over, you have to wear a retainer to maintain results.

With Fastbraces, however, you only have to wear a retainer for a few minutes a day, which makes treatment and maintenance overall practically hassle-free!

Schedule A Consultation

It might sound too good to be true, but that’s what modern orthodontics have done to change the smile game.

Fastbraces is just another extraordinary breakthrough that helps you get the smile you want in a fraction of the time it takes to endure traditional orthodontic treatment.

Love your smile sooner with Fastbraces in Landisville, PA. Call Johnson Dental Care today at 717-898-7733 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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