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Find Balance To Fight Gum Disease [BLOG]

February 26, 2018

Pinnacle Family Dental Care is the team to trust to keep gum disease from taking hold of your oral health.

We offer gum disease treatment that will restore your gum health and keep you smiling!

In the spirit of Gum Disease Awareness month, we’re talking about how you can fight gum disease by finding balance in your life!

Find Balance… On Your Plate!

This may come as no surprise, but what’s on your plate plays a big part in your ability to prevent gum disease.

A diet loaded with refined carbs, highly-processed sugary foods and drinks weaken your immunity.

Since gum disease is an infection, you need your body’s natural defenses to work at peak performance so you can keep the infection from spreading and causing systemic health problems as a result.

So put more immunity-building foods on your plate like almonds, dark green vegetables, lean protein, and citrus fruits.

With a balanced, healthy diet, you can keep your immune system strong and ready to fight against gum disease.

Find Balance… For Your Mind!

Stress is a part of life. No one is completely shielded from it. Stressful situations and circumstances aren’t reserved for corporate executives or soldiers or police officers or air traffic controllers or heart surgeons or any other high stakes profession.

It affects all of us, no matter our age, class, gender, or job.

And boy, does it really go after your body. Poorly managed, chronic stress will weaken your immune system and leave you defenseless against infection, including gum disease. So stress is something that puts everyone at more risk.

It’s what we do with that stress that will determine our long term health and happiness.

Some might reach for destructive coping mechanisms like excessive drinking, smoking cigarettes, or overeating. But those behaviors only deteriorate your health, your body, and your state of mind.

Learning how to manage stress in a healthy, productive way will keep your immune system fortified and give you an advantage in the fight against against gum disease.

Try a few of these stressbusters and see if they help you strike the right balance in your life!

*Talk To Someone

You need to vent every once in a while! It’s not healthy to suppress your thoughts and feelings because eventually, you will give yourself away, and it will likely be explosive.

Instead, find the right sounding board by meeting a friend or family member for a cup of coffee just to vent your frustrations.

For more serious issues with stress and anxiety, reach out to a counselor or a certified professional to help you sort through your situation.

*Spice Up Your Physical Activity

If you don’t exercise regularly, maybe start there! Or if you manage to stay active, keep the activity fresh by switching things up from walking to hiking or running. Take up yoga or sign up for dance lessons!

*Get Plenty Of R & R

Beginning or ending your day with just a few minutes of yoga stretches, deep breathing, and light meditation is a great way to wipe the slate clean so you’re able to end another day feeling at peace and face a new day with renewed vigor!

The key to keeping stress at a minimum and your immunity strong is finding balance in ways that suit your life and comfort level. However you find it, your oral health will be better because of it.

Schedule An Appointment

It seems like we’re constantly learning about new connections between gum disease and the rest of your body.

Sure, it makes sense that you need a diet that’s rich in vitamins and nutrients for better overall health. But the link between diet, immunity, and gum disease is still something widely unknown, or at least, widely overlooked.

The way your body responds to chronic stress and how it relates to gum disease isn’t a significant part of the discussion about prevention, either, at least not enough.

But our team at Pinnacle Family Dental Care hopes today’s blog has helped, in some small way, to move us into the right direction so that patients are armed with the right tools to achieve their best oral health.

It starts with you at home, making healthy choices about what goes on your plate, into your mouth, and into your head as you find ways to cope with the everyday stresses of life.

Dr. Johnson and our team in Landisville, PA are here to help you with the rest! Schedule your gum disease treatment so you can keep smiling all year long!

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