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Change How You See Root Canals [BLOG]

September 18, 2017

If there is a dental procedure most people would undeniably fear the most, it’s a root canal. For whatever reason, root canals have undoubtedly one of the worst reputations in the field of dentistry. The craziest part about that is most of the fear surrounding this procedure comes from misconceptions, often by people who’ve never experienced one before.

But at Johnson Dental Care, we know there’s no reason to be fearful of root canal therapy! That’s one of the reasons we’re sharing this blog with you today. Our highly-skilled team can give you the kind of care that will change the way you see root canals.

It’s perfectly natural to fear that which we don’t understand. So we’re going to use this opportunity to sing some of the praises of root canal therapy so that you’ll have a clearer understanding for how it can actually save your smile and get you out of pain!

The Purpose Of A Root Canal

Only your dentist can know for sure if you need a root canal by giving you a thorough dental exam. But in some cases, you might have an idea that a root canal is necessary because you’re in a lot of pain. Because the pain is happening inside the tooth, the pain can sometimes be very intense and difficult to ignore or even treat with OTC pain relievers.

This makes sense because the pain is coming from a diseased or infected canal deep inside your tooth. The soft pulp, blood vessels, and nerve of the tooth are housed in that canal, so if any part of that is damaged or infected, the pain can be excruciating.

Some patients describe the pain like a throb or a heartbeat, and it can even affect a larger area surrounding the infection or damage along your jaw. It’s pretty miserable by most accounts.

For other people who’ve experienced it before, though, report a less intense pain that really only occurs when the affected tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperatures.

And then believe it or not, there are times when patients don’t have any idea that there’s something wrong until their dentist discovers the problem during a routine cleaning and exam. Not every root canal starts with dental pain.

Without a toothache, you might experience other noticeable symptoms such as:

  • Gums that are red, swollen, tender, or even bleeding
  • A tooth that becomes discolored
  • Persistent bad breath

We want to stress the importance of maintaining your regular dental checkups because you might need a root canal and have no idea because you’re not experiencing any symptoms at all. Dr. Johnson is an experienced professional who has the knowledge and experience to detect the dental problems that you aren’t able to see.

Why Root Canals At Johnson Dental Care Are Different

At Johnson Dental Care, we’re able to perform root canals to save patients’ smiles in a way that’s convenient and virtually pain-free.

First, Dr. Johnson’s goal is always going to be to save your tooth whenever possible. That’s one reason that bad reputation that root canals have is quite unfair. Root canals actually save your tooth in many cases!

Root canals are also thought of as dreadful because people assume they’re painful, when in fact, root canals get you out of intense pain in many cases.

Finally, root canals can be pretty inconvenient because your dentist might have to refer you out to another specialist or you might have to wait a couple of weeks wearing an uncomfortable temporary dental crown while you wait for the permanent to be made.

Neither is the case in our Landisville dental office! We can perform the root canal right here in our office and also place your permanent dental crown in the same visit thanks to our advanced CEREC technology!

Schedule Your Root Canal Procedure

With Dr. Johnson leading your root canal procedure, you really have no reason to fear in our Landisville dental office. We can offer practically pain-free dental work, save your tooth from extraction, and provide you a permanent dental crown quickly and conveniently.

Call our Landisville, PA dental office today at 717-898-7733 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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