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Learn Ways To Improve Your Oral Health! [VIDEO]

June 1, 2018

Christine struggled the last few years with teeth sensitivity and other oral health issues that often made dental appointments an uncomfortable experience. But thanks to the care she receives now that she’s chosen our team at Johnson Dental Care, Christine has found her lifelong dentist office! You’ll hear many reasons why she’s glad to have found our accommodating, judge-free ...

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Choosing Your New General Dentist Is Easy In Landisville, PA! [VIDEO]

May 26, 2018

This summer, choosing your new general dentist in Landisville, PA is easy. That’s because you have our team at Johnson Dental Care to meet all your needs! We offer everything you need to keep your smile healthy, but we also offer various cosmetic dental treatments as well. Here’s Dr. Johnson giving you a quick list of our general dentistry services. After you hear his message, feel ...

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3 Reasons To Get An Athletic Mouthguard Before Summer [BLOG]

May 18, 2018

Our team at Johnson Dental Care wants to give you a quick reminder before we get too close to the summer sporting season. We offer customized athletic mouthguards in our Landisville, PA dental office for all the athletes in your family so you can protect your teeth through the season and keep smiling well after it’s over! Athletic Mouthguards Are A Must! You might think an athletic ...

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Do You Know How To Get A Hollywood Smile? [QUIZ]

May 9, 2018

Cosmetic dentistry comes in many forms and can do incredible things for your smile. But only one treatment can give you what’s widely-known as the Hollywood smile. Dental veneers at Johnson Dental Care replicate natural tooth enamel, yet they’re durable enough to cover and protect your flawed teeth for decades. Your smile deserves the best, and for many satisfied patients, the best ...

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Patients Appreciate Our Same-Day Dental Crowns [VIDEO]

April 26, 2018

Why go to the dentist office multiple times for just one treatment? With same-day dental crowns at Johnson Dental Care, you don’t have to! Our CEREC technology makes your dental crown experience faster and more convenient than ever! Just ask our happy patient, Michelle! In today’s video, Michelle talks more about why appreciates the convenience of same-day crowns in our ...

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Tips For A Drama-Free Dental Emergency [BLOG]

April 18, 2018

As much as we wish we could all avoid drama, it’s pretty hard to do these days unless you’re willing to risk walking around wearing blinders and noise-cancelling headphones! We can’t protect you from all the drama of daily life, but we certainly can help you have a drama-free dental emergency! At Johnson Dental Care, we go out of our way to help you when you need us, even if it falls ...

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3 Ways To Lower Your Risk For Oral Cancer [INFOGRAPHIC]

April 9, 2018

In honor of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, our team at Johnson Dental Care is sharing ways to reduce your risk in today’s infographic. Some health problems are just out of your control. But some risk factors are completely in your control, and Dr. Johnson is here to support you! When you visit our Landisville, PA dental office, make sure to ask about our oral cancer screenings! Call ...

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Overcome Dental Fear With A Dentist Who Listens [VIDEO]

April 1, 2018

One of the reasons overcoming dental fear is so hard is that patients don’t truly felt heard. That’s why our team at Johnson Dental Care does all we can to make sure you feel how much we truly care about helping ease your anxiety. It starts by listening to your concerns. Here’s Dr. Johnson explaining our approach to our most fearful patients in our Landisville, PA dental office. ...

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We’re Here For Your Dental Emergencies [VIDEO]

March 26, 2018

If you’ve ever injured a tooth or had a failed dental restoration, you know how uncomfortable it can be. It’s worse if you have to wait until normal business hours to get the help you need. It’s nice to know at Johnson Dental Care, you’re in good hands during moments like these. That’s one of the reasons Sharon is such a loyal patient in our Landisville, PA dental office. ...

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