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3 Reasons To Get An Athletic Mouthguard Before Summer [BLOG]

May 18, 2018

Our team at Johnson Dental Care wants to give you a quick reminder before we get too close to the summer sporting season.

We offer customized athletic mouthguards in our Landisville, PA dental office for all the athletes in your family so you can protect your teeth through the season and keep smiling well after it’s over!

Athletic Mouthguards Are A Must!

You might think an athletic mouthguard isn’t really a necessity.

But when you think about all the various types of equipment and gear athletes wear during the summer sports season, it makes sense that protecting your teeth and gums would be just as important as other parts of your body.

After all, a lot can go terribly wrong while you’re playing a sport, such as:

  • Tripping and falling head first onto a hard surface
  • Getting hit in the mouth by a bat or ball
  • Getting elbowed by another player
  • Bumping face first into a person, fence, or post

Generic mouthguards found in stores might be cheaper on the front end, but you know what they say about getting what you pay for.

That’s why you should call Johnson Dental Care in Landisville, PA before your summer sports begin so your athletic mouthguard is made just for you.

3 Reasons To Get An Athletic Mouthguard Before Summer

When it comes to protecting your smile while playing sports, it’s all about the fit of your mouthguard. You can buy one from a sporting goods store, but because it’s won’t be made to fit you perfectly, it can’t do the job it promises to do, which is to keep your teeth safe.

But Dr. Johnson can make an athletic mouthguard just for you, and here are three reasons to visit our Landisville, PA dental office to get your own!

#1 – You’ll Be More Comfortable While Playing

If you bought the wrong size helmet for yourself of your child, it would slip around and make it tough to feel comfortable, to concentrate, or to focus on the game.

The same is true for an athletic mouthguard. If yours is from the store, it could slide around, hinder your breathing, and make you lose concentration, which only increases your risk for injuries.

#2 – Your Smile Will Be Safer

Just like other types of athletic equipment that keep your body safe from harm, a mouthguard protects your teeth, gums, and jaw from blunt force.

That can only happen, though, if the athletic mouthguard fits well. You can make sure yours does by trusting Dr. Johnson to custom-make it for you.

#3 – A Custom Mouthguard Won’t Go To Waste

Adults are much better at enduring discomfort if they think it’s good for them. But you know kids won’t wear anything that doesn’t fit just right.

The good news is that neither of you have to wear another poorly-fitted mouthguard from a sporting goods store.

They’re cheaper for a reason, so chances are the athletes in your family will probably keep them buried at the bottom of their gym bags.

A custom mouthguard from Johnson Dental Care will fit comfortably, which means you’re more likely to wear it and get your money’s worth the investment to your smile!

Make An Appointment

If you or anyone else in your family plans on hitting the court or the field this summer, give us a call so we can get you fitted for an athletic mouthguard!

Our team at Johnson Dental Care will make sure your mouthguard fits securely and comfortably so your teeth and gums are safe during the active summer season!

Call our Landisville, PA dental office today at 717-898-7733 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for your athletic mouthguard.

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