Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology with a Soft Touch

Intra-Oral Camera
Dr. Johnson knows that a picture is worth a thousand words – especially in dentistry!  Dr. Johnson uses small cameras right inside your mouth to take highly magnified digital photos of your teeth. These photos can be displayed on a computer screen for both patient and doctor, and are invaluable in diagnosing and recording dental problems. Intra-oral photos also enables patients to view what the dentist sees when their teeth are being evaluated by the dentist.

Digital X-rays

Digital radiography is the latest way to take and evaluate x-rays. With digital x-rays, less radiation is needed to produce high-quality images. These images can then be evaluated by Dr. Johnson on a large flat-screen monitor. This allows for easier detection of any problems. With such a large image, it is also easier for patients to see and understand what is happening with their teeth.

CEREC - Single Visit Porcelain Restorations

CEREC is used for crowns, inlays and onlays.  Cerec restorations are used to restore decayed, broken or cracked teeth.  Cerec metal-free crowns... The new metal-free crowns eliminate the ugly black line you may have seen next to the gum line on older crowns.  Onlays are more conservative of tooth structure than full crowns, and are used whenever possible.  Inlays and Onlays are tooth-colored restorations that are used in place of silver fillings on the chewing surfaces of back teeth. This approach has become very popular.  CEREC technology is revolutionary to dentistry because it creates a beautiful, esthetic, strong and durable ceramic restoration that is precisely bonded to the tooth.  It is accomplished using a digital scan of the prepared tooth and creating the restoration’s design using powerful 3D software that allows the dentist to customize the result. The design is wirelessly transmitted to a special milling device that will create your restoration using a dental ceramic. Because this is usually done in one visit you do not need to have a bulky, messy impression made of your tooth, you do not need to wear a temporary crown and you do not need to come back on a separate visit, often weeks away, to have your new crown placed. 

Soft Tissue Laser
Dr. Johnson uses lasers to make some of the most difficult dental procedures quick, easy, and comfortable.  Call our office to learn more.

Computerized Record Keeping

Dr. Johnson uses advanced software for patient record keeping.